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About Zeebas Tech

Zeebas Tech is a Tech company located in The Gambia. The Team is made up of young,smart and ambitious Gambians. We build and provide innovative , reliable and cost effective solutions for our clients to achieve IT efficiency and business profitability.

Cross platform Mobile Development

We build applications using some of the latest technologies.Our applications are robust and effecient. Our applications are user friendly and works across multiple devices.

Web and Desktop Applications

We have huge experience in Desktop and Web Developement. Some of our team members have develop apps being used in large institutions.We also make sure we build great user experience Desktop and Web apps to attract clients/users to your site.

Provide efficient services

Fully Resposive Web Applications

We provide high Standard web applications that is 100% responsive and works on all devices. All web applications developed by Zeebas Tech under go all necessary processes making sure its well written,fast and works on all platforms and browsers

Cross Platform Mobile Applications

We create mobile applications that works on iOS and android phones. Our applications are fast and works on almost all mobile phones (older phones included). Our mobile applications are fast , robust and the User Experience is fantastic and easy to use.

Web Design and Prototyping

Want to create application but do not know exactly the right design to use? Zeebas tech has the solution for you. We have some great design that can provide exactly what you looking for. We provide hight Standard Web and mobile designs for all applications

Team Zeebas

We are Zeebas. We believe in Team work

Ndey Astou Jaiteh

Ndey Astou Jaiteh is an entrepreneur, a motivational person, a creative and articulate lady who brings so much innovative ideas on board. She is focused and also doubles as a marketer. She has good background in User experience (UX)/User Interface (UI) and specializes in Front-end web development. She is optimistic and drives the passion of the team.

Massay Bah

Massay Bah is a Software Engineer at ZeebasTech, he has a great passion for programming and developing amazing applications. He has a BSc in Computer Science (honors) from the University of the Gambia and also an entrepreneur and has great ideas worth sharing. Mr Bah is a full stack developer and specialised in creating robust applications.

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